Here you will find the latest information on Covid 19 protocols in St Lucia. They are current as of November 17th 2020.

Guests wishing to dive are permitted to do so, but they can only dive with a Covid approved operator. Scuba Steve's Diving is Covid approved and when you book with us, we will send you our Covid 19 Approval letter from SLASPA and the Ministry of Health for you to give to your Hotel Concierge. This is necessary, as some Hotels have been "economical" with the truth and have incorrectly told guests that they can only go with tours arranged by the Hotel Tour Desk. The truth of the matter is you can go with any Covid certified operator but you must inform the Hotel for purposes of Track and Trace. Currently visitors are not permitted to leave their Hotels unless they are on a Covid approved Tour or have completed 14 days in resort, effectively, quarantine. After 14 days, they will be provided with a Certificate which allows them to leave the Hotel independently.

Currently, the Government is preventing tours from mixing people from different resorts. This is having an effect as we require the revenue from at least 3 Divers to be able to run a tour. We will discuss this fully with you at the time you inquire.

We are also unable to collect you by vehicle, as current protocols require that you travel only in Covid Approved taxis. Where possible, we will collect you by boat, if this is not possible, we can arrange a Covid approved Taxi probably cheaper than you will get from your Hotel Tour Desk/Concierge.

We are trying to do as much of the pre-dive check in by email. So you will be emailed a Disclaimer to complete and return and you will also need to send us a scan or photo of BOTH sides of your Diver Certification. Payment must be made in advance by Credit Card, we WILL NOT accept cash.

Prior to boarding the boats, we are required to take your temperature and record it. If it is abnormal you will be unable to board the boat and we will have to inform your Hotel.

Social distancing is in effect on the boat (except for family groups). Hand sanitizing stations are on the boat and at the Dive Centre and you will be required to use them. You will also be required to wear a face mask AT ALL TIMES that you are not in the water.

Our equipment handling prior to Covid was already stringent in terms of hygiene. Since Covid, extra precautions are in effect. We routinely wash equipment in a sterilising anti bacterial solution between users and in addition now, between dives, our staff will spray your equipment with the same solution before they swap tanks for you.

This information is current as of October 12th and will be revised as protocols change. We are happy to answer any questions you might have. Rest assured, St Lucia is one of the safest destinations worldwide and is in a Travel Bubble with many International locations meaning no quarantine when you go home. Everybody on island is working hard to maintain this level of safety for locals and visitors alike, so we respectfully request that you abide by the regulations in force and everybody will stay safe and have a nice vacation.

Steve Smith